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You must be a current member to register for classes and events. If you would like to register a spouse or friend, please be sure their membership is current and their name is entered as the registrant for the class. You may only pay for a single member's sessions at a time.  If you are paying for a spouse or other, please complete a single transaction, separate from your own, and return to the course registration page and begin again.  We no longer offer refunds, please review our website or current catalog for more information.  

You will enter your name once on the main page, and it will be added to each selected class as you move through the process. Please note: you have 10 minutes to complete your transaction once you begin selecting courses before your sessions are released.

After you register for your course(s), you will receive an email link from your instructor or the OLLI office 24 hours before the start of your first class session. The link will grant you access to your class via Zoom. If you do not receive the email, please email the OLLI office at olliatscu@gmail.com and we will assist you.

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