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Member Organized and Driven--OLLI is volunteer members working together in conjunction with SCU staff to deliver educational and social opportunities for lifelong learners. Volunteers make OLLI happen – and they have fun in the process. 

Expanding volunteer participation is the # 1 GOAL for the 2018-19 year.

Finding the right opportunity for you is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • First: Find the best description of you in the list below.
  • Second: Check that box off in the registration module coming August 1, 2018
  • Third: Respond to an email invitation that you will receive after registration (may take up to 5 days) to confirm your participation in OLLI. 

LEADER – you’re someone with big ideas and concepts, strategically considering opportunities for growth and development. Motivated, active, productive and a leader, you like owning commitment and ensuring its success. You mentor those around you so that they see the big picture too and rally together to get things done. You seek to take on those tasks that are labor intensive with gracious indulgence.  You make a difference in people and organizations.

(Chairs and Facilitators of a working committee or group)

CONNECTORS – you’re a people person. You gain energy from being around them and are always looking for ways to “get members engaged”. You thrive on meeting, greeting and conversing with old members and new acquaintances. You enjoy introducing people to others and new activities. Hospitality and inclusivity are your “brand”. Being present and active engagement is your calling.

(Classroom hosts, OLLI speakers are perfect for this type of person)

ORGANIZERS – when it comes to people, processes and projects, you’re always the one looking for opportunities to keep a team on track to achieve the goal. Agendas, checklists and to-do’s make you happy. You work well with deadlines. You like to plan your work and work the plan. You’re on call and available to get things organized and moving as quickly as possible. 

(Responsible for specific projects and events as a leader)

HELPERS – you desire clearly defined tasks. You’re a helper, willing to step in to get the job done. From event support, volunteer training and staffing an information table – you know it’s important. You like to show up, figure it out and can work independently. You’d prefer periodic assignments rather than regular commitments.

(Volunteer Reception, Member Reception, Fall Kickoff / Open House, Holiday Dinner, OLLI mailings, Distinguished Speaker Event)

CREATIVES – You’re creative by nature. You understand how important it is to match the message with its intended audience. Your communications capture the OLLI branding imagery. 

(OLLI photographer, create center pieces, flyers, design banners, signage, lapel pins, OLLI SIG handouts, postcards, assist with an event “set-up”).

TECHIES – you like computers, you are not afraid to try out a new application or learn something new. You like applying technology solutions and training others on how to use them. When changes occur, you enjoy helping others figure it out.

(Qualtrics, registrations, navigating the OLLI website, Google docs.)

Not Available  – At this time, I am not available to volunteer.  However, you may contact me in the near future as I am aware that volunteers make OLLI happen and they have fun in the process.