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The Jim Reites, S.J. "Building Hope" Award Fund and Endowment

Please join us as we recognize and honor the life-long work of Jim Reites, S.J., a beloved professor, leader, mentor, and friend within the Santa Clara University community. Fr. Reites passed away in the spring of 2016, but his impact on SCU will continue to live on through the projects funded by this award and endowment. Throughout his life, Fr. Reites encouraged students to be men and women for others, and accompanied hundreds of students as they traveled to underserved communities throughout the world. He was a cornerstone of the Solar Decathlon/Tiny House projects, Engineering School, and Xavier RLC Mexico immersion program. He was a builder, and the buildings he’s helped construct over the years stretch from Silicon Valley to Sub-Saharan Africa. What is special about all the building projects Fr. Reites took on is that they represent hope for a better future, whether for a single family hoping to have their first house, or an entire generation hoping to curtail global warming. Projects funded by this award and endowment will continue to support these types of efforts so that future students will continue to be inspired by Fr. Reites' endless energy to make a difference in our world.

Every gift to this fund will be matched by the SCU School of Engineering until the fund reaches the $100,000 endowment threshold.  As of November 15, 2016, $23,460 has been raised, and including matching dollars, the fund is $46,920 towards the $100k initial goal.   

Thank you for your generous support!

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